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Why is KYC important?
KYC is an action of digital identity verification. It helps project developers to prove ownership and hold a semblance of accountability should any malicious actions occur.
KYC is the first step towards a project’s transparency.
If you aren’t ready to reveal your real-life identity or choose to stay out of the spotlight KYC is the right solution for you.

We guarantee that your identity is real.
~ For 1 person
~ Up to 3 days

~ Express: 1 day – $3,500 $3,200
~ 2-3 people – $2,900 $2,450 per person
~ 4-6 people – $2,200 per person
~ 7+ people – $1,900 per person
KYC Standard
KYC Team
KYC + Smart Contract Audit
~ error check with automatic tools
~ manual analysis by 4 lead auditors
~ recommendations how to fix the issues
~ repost: GitHub, 0xGuard blog, Twitter
~ from 1 day
until 1/05
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Advantages of KYC by 0xGuard

0xGuard offers a procedure that is 100% secure and the data we receive can only be shared with official authorities following an official request.


We offer a competitive price, as well as a discount 45% for teams of over 7 people.


A quick real-time process of identity verification. You get the result in a matter of minutes.

Data Security

The information about the client’s real identity will not be shared with the community or public under any circumstances.

Brand awareness

Your KYC certificate will be published to our social media, making your project more recognizable

How Does it Work
You scan your official documents and send us the electronic copies. Eligible documents include a passport, a driver’s license, an ID card, or any National Identity Document.
We arrange a Google Meet call during which we interview the client and confirm their documents. We also ask a few questions about their DeFi project and their role in it, and provide them with a login and password.
Upon request, we may confirm ownership of a specific wallet by asking to perform a small reversible transaction. 

You get a KYC document.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is KYC?

KYC stands for Know Your Client. It’s a system of verifying the identity akin to receiving a digital ID. Only in this case, your information stays private, while your customers can be sure that you are exactly who you say you are.

Why do I need to pass a KYC?

To pass a KYC by 0xGuard, you will have to present a set of documents, proving your identity. First, you have to scan or photograph your official documents and send us electronic copies. Documents that are eligible: 
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license 
  • ID card 
  • Any National Identity Document.
What is the KYC process? 
After we receive and review your documents, we arrange a google meet call to interview you and confirm the authenticity of the documents. We may ask a few questions about your DeFi project and your role in it. If a group of two or more people participates in the KYC, all would need to present their documents and confirm their identity.
Upon request, 0xGuard also provides a confirmation of ownership of a wallet. In this case, we will have to perform a small transaction.
How much does a KYC cost?
0xGuard standard plan includes a KYC for 1 person $2900 and may take up to 3 days.
There are other plans that are available here.
Who and how can access the information I provide?
Aside from the manager, reviewing your information, no one is eligible to get access to the data you provide. KYC certificate doesn’t include any information indicating your real ID. 
The process is 100% secure.
Can my information be deleted later?
Your information becomes eligible for deletion after a year. The process can be initialized upon request and each case is reviewed separately.
What to do if malicious actions are performed by a person or a team with a KYC? 
As a company, we are bound by an agreement to not share the information provided during the identity confirmation process. The exception to this rule is an official request by the authorities.
If you have encountered any issues with a team that’s passed a KYC by 0xGuard, you have to immediately contact the appropriate authorities in your country of residence, citing 0xGuard as a source, possessing the required information.
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