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Really satisfied with the audit service provided by 0xGuard. Fast, efficient, and unbias. We manage to fix all issue that were found by them in their audit.
Ismail A.
CEO of Boltr Labs
Many many Thanks to 0xGuard for providing us the Audit report within 1 day. We are very please by the support and assistance provided by the Guard Chief. We will refer 0xGuard to all our contacts as well.
Founder of Hyper Inu
Big thanks to 0xGuard for being there when we needed them most! The high level of professionalism is one thing but the speed of their work is astounding. Will be coming for more.
Fares T, CEO & Founder of Ghospers Game
0xGuard responded to my initial query on their site within a couple of hours and the next day KYC had been completed with ease. Our audit started not long after and within a week a detailed report was delivered. All this for a very fair rate with consistent updates and support from the team along the way!
Grape Finance
~ analysis for errors with automated tools
~ manual analysis by 1 auditor
~ repost: GitHub
~ up to 7 days
~ analysis for errors with automated tools
~ manual analysis by 2 auditors
~ check by lead auditor
~ recommendations how to fix the issues
~ repost: GitHub, 0xGuard blog, Twitter
~ from 4 to 5 days
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~ analysis for errors with automated tools
~ manual analysis by 4 lead auditors
~ recommendations how to fix the issues
~ repost: GitHub, 0xGuard blog, Twitter
~ KYC by request
~ up to 1 day
The cost of rechecking is not included in the tariffs.
Do you need a KYC only? Use this service to get a KYC without an audit.
Frequently Asked Questions

What will I find in the audit report?

The report outlines all of the logical errors, inconsistencies, and vulnerabilities discovered during the audit, as well as recommendations for how to fix them.

Is the report private?

Yes, we always give you a private original audit report so that you may fix any mistakes that are discovered. We'd like to post a report on our blog with your permission. We highly advise you to make your report public, since this will indicate to your partners that you are more secure.

What are the overall terms, ETA, and price?

The ETA (estimated time of arrival or completion) and price of an audit are determined by its complexity and code volume. After you contact us and give the code, we will quickly generate a comprehensive estimate. It is difficult to establish the audit's terms without first looking at the code.
Why so affordable and fast?
Because we have a team of more than 20 smart contract auditors. And we employ people with expertise and experience of more than 5+ years.
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About us
0xGuard is a smart contract auditing company created by a team of experienced professionals in decentralized finance.
Started as a passion project by true aficionados of cryptocurrencies, 0xGuard quickly made a name for itself in the market, delivering quality results while maintaining affordable prices.

0xGuard audits a vast array of smart contracts with different languages and types. Several teams specialize in conducting specific types of audits which not only makes our expertise grow but guarantees that our clients will receive a top-quality analysis of their project.

Among smart contract auditors, the 0xGuard team stands out with its range of services and speedy work.
A smart contract security audit is crucial to the launch of any DeFi project, it gives a sense of reassurance and confidence in the team’s preparedness to fulfill its obligations. Clients can put their trust in projects that provide a full list of potential risks. 0xGuard prepares a full analysis of existing vulnerabilities, while the project’s team takes it upon themselves to fix the errors and deliver the best possible result.

Aside from being the leading smart contract audit company in its segment, 0xGuard is making a name for itself as a smart contract development company. Because of our vast knowledge of various errors and vulnerabilities and understanding of different types of smart contracts, our dev team is uniquely qualified for this task.

From writing and testing the code to auditing it and performing KYC for its customers, our experts are offering a full cycle of services for any project looking to establish itself on the DeFi market.
0xGuard stays in communication with its clients, ready to answer any questions and assist with issues that appear along the way. With the full support of the team of professionals in smart contract analysis and development, our clients and partners can easily launch projects on various blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Gnosis, and many others.
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