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what is the TON
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What is the TON
TON is a relatively new blockchain that brings certain changes to the established paradigm. While Making speed and efficiency its priorities, TON does consider its environmental impact.
This approach attracts crypto developers as well as users to the blockchain.

0xGuard provides smart contract audits for TON projects, relying on its experience in С++ and FunC.

Lively Ecosystem

An actively developing TON ecosystem includes wallets, TON coin with staking possibility, apps, bridges to other blockchains and so much more.

Active Сommunity

An ecosystem of communities, publishers, and businesses opened to hundreds of experts and winners of Telegram contests from all over the world.

Future Plans

Not only the blockchain is actively growing, but its future plans include multiple features and additions to the chain.

Why is an audit important for TON projects?
Choosing TON blockchain opens up a lot of doors for developers. Among them, is access to a loyal audience. With that, comes the responsibility to deliver the best dApps and services, and protect project owners as well as the users of the TON blockchain. TON security audits can help maintain security in the network.
  • 1
    Developing Chain
    With the speedy popularization and attention TON is getting, more and more developers turn to this blockchain, building many new projects that may require security analysis.
  • 2
    Complex Languages
    TON uses С++ as well as FunC languages. Compared to Solidity, they are more complex and require a more careful approach in order to avoid errors that may lead to a contract malfunction.
  • 3
    Aside from risks from malicious members within developer teams, new projects have to be protected from external attacks.
How Does It Work
Send us the specification of the code by e-mail
We agree on the price and the deadline
We start the auditing process
We privately send the preliminary report to your team
Your team fixes the issues
TON security audit
We examine your fixes, update, share and publish (optional) the final report.
~ analysis for errors with automated tools
~ manual analysis of 2 auditors
~ recommendations how to fix the issues
~ repost: GitHub, Twitter
~ up to 10 days
starting from
Choose a plan
~ analysis for errors with automated tools
~ manual analysis of 4 lead auditors
~ recommendations how to fix the issues
~ repost: GitHub, 0xGuard blog, Twitter
~ final check by the lead auditor
~ up to 5 days
Exact time-frames depend on the complexity of the audit. Possible waitlisting.
The price is valid until 01.07.2024
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Introducing our advantages
We work hard every day to make the life of our clients headache-free
Our core team consists of experienced auditors with at least 5 years of experience. We aim to deliver the best and most affordable service and tend to each contract as if it’s the only one that matters.
Audit reports approved by IDO platforms.
Over 300 smart contracts under our belt.
If you’re on a tight schedule, we can move your project up in the queue for an additional fee. Just let us know how soon you need your audit to be complete. We promise to deliver!
Faith in the industry
We were one of the first auditors to enter the Solana audit market. We believe that Solana has the potential to become a go-to blockchain, and we are prepared to face the challenges of making it the safest and more suitable for global adoption.
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