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Why zkSync?
zkSync is a rollup that allows developers and users to save extra money on gas fees. A scaling technology, zkSync makes Ethereum more accessible. It bundles together several transactions to send them as one, thus requiring less gas. Its popularity grows every day, as this is both an affordable and lucrative choice for project owners.


ZkSync requires up to 1/100 of L1 gas fees which makes it one of the cheapest rollups


zkSync offers a fast transaction speed of 2000+ tps

Seamless Transfers

zkSync allows transfers between L1 and L2


All the advantages make zkSync one of the most popular rollups for Ethereum

Why is an audit important for zkSync projects?
Making sure the project is safe to use is a priority to all developers striving to deliver a quality service. zkSync projects utilize Solidity, one of the most popular languages. Even if it’s relatively easy to master it, creating a code can still be challenging. An audit can let the developer know whether or not their project works as intended. Prior to launch, developers can get acquainted with all the vulnerabilities in the code and make sure that they don’t affect the overall performance.

  • 0xGuard professionals work with project owners to guarantee that the project is functional and efficient.
  • A comprehensive audit report allows to take necessary measures prior to release.
  • 0xGuard’s auditors possess extensive knowledge of Solidity and EVM projects.
How Does It Work
Send us the specification of the code by e-mail
We agree on the price and the deadline
We start the auditing process
We privately send the preliminary report to your team
Your team fixes the issues
We examine your fixes, update, share and publish (optional) the final report.
~ analysis for errors with automated tools
~ manual analysis by 1 auditor
~ repost: GitHub
~ up to 7 days
~ analysis for errors with automated tools
~ manual analysis by 2 auditors
~ check by lead auditor
~ recommendations how to fix the issues
~ repost: GitHub, 0xGuard blog, Twitter
~ from 4 to 5 days
Choose a plan
~ analysis for errors with automated tools
~ manual analysis by 4 lead auditors
~ recommendations how to fix the issues
~ repost: GitHub, 0xGuard blog, Twitter
~ KYC by request
~ up to 1 day
The cost of rechecking is not included in the tariffs.
Introducing our advantages
We work hard every day to make the life of our clients headache-free
Our core team consists of experienced auditors with at least 5 years of experience. We aim to deliver the best and most affordable service and tend to each contract as if it’s the only one that matters.
Audit reports approved by IDO platforms.
Over 300 smart contracts under our belt.
If you’re on a tight schedule, we can move your project up in the queue for an additional fee. Just let us know how soon you need your audit to be complete. We promise to deliver!
Faith in the industry
We were one of the first auditors to enter the Solana audit market. We believe that Solana has the potential to become a go-to blockchain, and we are prepared to face the challenges of making it the safest and more suitable for global adoption.
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