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Why NFT Token Audit
Non-fungible tokens represent digital ownership over different objects. Over a short time, they’ve become very popular among crypto users, gamers and traders. NFTs are especially popular among artists, giving them an opportunity to actually earn on their creative products. To bring honesty into the NFT trading system, every contract has to be carefully analyzed by experienced professionals.

NEAR smart contracts are written on general-purpose languages: Rust and AssemblyScript.

Great experience

Every auditor on our team has an excessive experience with different types of contracts, including NFTs

Responsibility and reliability

0xGuard takes the responsibility to bring security to the market, making sure that every NFT project delivers on its promises. We take care of the proper operation of NFTs and accompanying contracts.

Why is NFT audit important?
Because of their popularity, NFTs attract an unprecedented number of malicious actors. Their price skyrockets and naturally, hackers get interested in particular projects, attacking users through contract vulnerabilities or phishing schemes. While users are responsible for their own security, it’s unwise to disregard the importance of a detailed audit.

To protect the market and the users, 0xGuard provides NFT smart contracts audits.
  • 1
    NFT contract audit can help to guarantee transparency and prevent potential attacks. The goal of an NFT security audit is to identify the errors and weakest elements of the smart contract.
  • 2
    Auditors thoroughly study the code to determine if the developers have missed any details or made any mistakes that could cause the contract to crash or not function as expected. After the audit process, they deliver an in-depth report, listing all the vulnerabilities and issues as well as recommendations on fixing them effectively and quickly.
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    The report is updated once the edits are provided by the developers, and the final version is published upon demand from the client.
How Does It Work
Send us the specification of the code by e-mail
We agree on the price and the deadline
We start the auditing process
We privately send the preliminary report to your team
Your team fixes the issues
We examine your fixes, update, share and publish (optional) the final report.
~ analysis for errors with automated tools
~ manual analysis by 1 auditor
~ repost: GitHub
~ up to 7 days
~ analysis for errors with automated tools
~ manual analysis by 2 auditors
~ check by lead auditor
~ recommendations how to fix the issues
~ repost: GitHub, 0xGuard blog, Twitter
~ from 4 to 5 days
Choose a plan
~ analysis for errors with automated tools
~ manual analysis by 4 lead auditors
~ recommendations how to fix the issues
~ repost: GitHub, 0xGuard blog, Twitter
~ KYC by request
~ up to 1 day
The cost of rechecking is not included in the tariffs.
Introducing our advantages
We work hard every day to make the life of our clients headache-free
Our core team consists of experienced auditors with at least 5 years of experience. We aim to deliver the best and most affordable service and tend to each contract as if it’s the only one that matters.
Audit reports approved by IDO platforms.
Over 300 smart contracts under our belt.
If you’re on a tight schedule, we can move your project up in the queue for an additional fee. Just let us know how soon you need your audit to be complete. We promise to deliver!
Faith in the industry
We were one of the first auditors to enter the Solana audit market. We believe that Solana has the potential to become a go-to blockchain, and we are prepared to face the challenges of making it the safest and more suitable for global adoption.
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